November 7, 2019

Baby J, whose parents were married by Reverend Sarah, is baptized by Reverend Cam.

So, rebranding is sorta like a wedding (and a lot like marriage, too!)  You realize after you decide to jump in, it’s so much bigger than you imagined.  And a lot more work than you thought. So, why go through all the trouble? Why bother with changing our name? And shifting our look? And updating our website? After all, we have over 20 years of brand recognition and equity. You know us, where to find us, what to expect of us!  Why fix what isn’t broken?

Well, it’s true. It isn’t broken at all, but perhaps just a bit too small?  The truth is that to our great delight, and more and more, we found ourselves called back to you, our couples, as you wished to mark milestone moments in your lives.

Marking Life’s Milestone Moments

You knew us, trusted us and believed in our work.  You knew we would be committed to creating sacred space around your most special moments. You asked us, and invited us, and of course we said yes.  Creating beautiful ceremonies to mark particular moments is what we do!

We’ve shared all sorts of events with you, all over Texas and the country.  Some happy.  Some sad.  Some anxious.  Some loud.  Some quiet.  And because of all these moments, we came to realize that just as marriages grow and change so, too, do businesses.

We thought about all these various chapters of your lives we’ve shared with you, and we realized it was time. It was time for us to evolve, joining you in deliberate and meaningful ways, marking life’s central moments.  And likewise, it was time to reflect that in our brand — so not just you, but others, too, can find us when they need and want to mark time.

This Japanese jizo, from Buddhist teaching, represents the guardianship of children, and was part of a memorial service.

Expanded Services, Same Commitment to You

So, yes!  Yes to a new logo, a new brand, and a new name to reflect this expansion. And we are actually expanding in several ways (more on that next week), but most obviously and perhaps most importantly, our services will now include ceremonies such as:

  • Weddings (of course!)
  • Vow Renewals
  • Pre-marital and Relationship Coaching
  • Baby Namings and Baby Blessings
  • House Blessings
  • Pet Blessings and Memorials
  • Graduation Launches
  • Endings and Final Chapter Markings
  • Memorial and Funeral Services
  • Relationship and Marriage Retreats
  • Speaking Engagements and Preaching

Of course, our focus and commitment will continue to include creating highly customized ceremonies alongside the uncustomary service that you’ve come to expect.   After all, we’re still us — the same group from Central Ceremonies you’ve always known (even as far back as knowing Veronica!)  Now, though, our name and brand reflect our broader understanding of ceremonies, and our response to your request to mark these moments together.

What special moment have you imagined marking?  We want to journey with you as you do!