May 12, 2020

Much is different these days, and we may never return to how things were before Covid-19. But we will adapt, change, and overcome; weddings included.

There will be a day when we all are together again celebrating marriage, but even when that time comes, it likely won’t be how we did it before. And in the meantime, Central Ceremonies will use whatever tools (online or in-person) necessary to bring our couples together. Because we adapt. Because . . . love. Because that’s what we at Central Ceremonies have been doing for more than 25 years. Why stop now?

So, how does adapting work? Well, we are glad you asked!

First, as Sarah’s blog mentioned last week, we do Zoom weddings.

But that’s not enough, and we aren’t stopping there. With our experience and backgrounds, we knew Zoom weddings presented a wholly different experience from being married in person. We have had to think about things:

  • Is our wi-fi connection strong enough?
  • How will the lighting work?
  • How will timing and rhythm and flow work?

And even more important:

  • How do we make this special?
  • How do we keep everyone engaged?
  • How can we make the ceremony interactive for everyone?

Some of these questions are different from what we’ve asked ourselves before. For example, most people are challenged to watch a video online for more than 7 minutes. So, how we decide to break up a 20-minute ceremony becomes very important. We want everyone attending to feel like they’re “really there”.

Some suggestions we have for our couples are:

  • Allowing guests to take turns with a reading or a poem.
  • Planning ahead by asking guests to create a one-sentence wish (blessing, advice, etc.) for the couple that is incorporated and read during the ceremony.
  • Asking each guest to light a candle while delivering a short blessing.
  • Inviting guests to send us sand (or shells, stones, etc.) to ritually open and bless as it is placed in a container for the couple to carry into their new home.

In some ways, these ideas aren’t different from what we consistently offer our couples. We’ve always been and remain deeply committed to assisting each of our couples create meaningful and special ceremonies. After all, that’s what we have been doing since our inception. For us, such ceremonies are our gift to our couples, alongside peace of mind. That’s our gig. And we’re going to keep doing it. Count on it, and count on us!