January 6, 2022

Photo credit: Eryn Chandler @erynchandler.com

Well, in case we were wondering, yes – it is engagement season. We’ve had an uptick in inquires since Christmas Day, and our books are filling for 2022. So, before our fifth tip, a quick recap of things to consider when hiring your professional wedding officiant. First, hire a professional wedding officiant. Second, hire someone who focuses the wedding ceremony on you and your relationship. Third, hire someone who is creative. Fourth, hire an officiant with vision.

And this week, our fifth tip? Hire someone with whom you “click.” This seems obvious, but if your officiant cannot or does not create a comfortable space for you, you won’t be able to relax into marrying each other. And hey – weddings are fun, joyful events. This is a celebration – not a dirge! You are suppose to be having fun.

Also, realize the officiant will be up in your space the day of the wedding (we have the best seat in the house). Hire someone who creates a relaxed and fun writing process for creating your ceremony. Find someone who is able to create that comfortable, happy space for the two of you, helping you enjoy not just your wedding day, but also those first moments of marriage. And hire someone you trust will not only hold that happy space for you, but be a real part of it.

Look for someone who listens to you and wants to meet you and your partner. Do they want to hear your story? Do they manage their schedule well? Do they care about what makes you comfortable and relaxed?  Do they provide a rehearsal so you enter your wedding day relaxed? When do they arrive at your wedding?

Find someone who loves their work. Don’t be shy about asking for references or reading reviews. That love of work will translate into a love for telling your story and being a part of your marriage journey.

Next week? Our final tip will be a little list of questions we think you should ask your officiant. We’ve already covered some of those questions, but if you are like us, you like lists. So, tune in next week, and we’ll have for you to take into your interviews . . . including your interview of us!