December 30, 2021

Is it already our fourth week in this series of five things to look for when hiring your officiant? Yup. It sure is, y’all! Let’s recap the last three tips since we took a break over Christmas week. First, hire a professional wedding officiant. Second, hire someone who from the very beginning of the conversation understands the wedding is about you. Third, expect creativity from your professional officiant. And this week? Hire an officiant with vision.

You might be asking yourselves: What does that even mean? Well, guess what? Your wedding is one day. It’s a big day, and the wedding is a big moment (see tips 1-3). But your marriage is much longer. I mean . . . the marriage vow is made under the assumption that it is a lifelong commitment. So, while you may only see your officiant once in your life, it’s nice to know that even in that moment, they are offering you ways to learn and grow with this amazing commitment.

Now, you may be thinking this means I am suggesting premarital counseling. Not necessarily. Most of our couples do not opt for premarital counseling. But, the way that we craft our ceremonies allows us to talk about their relationship beyond just the day of the wedding. So, look for someone who offers (or even mentions or thinks about) ways to live into your marriage vows. Do they help you dream and hope around your relationship when planning your ceremony? Are they able to help you articulate those dreams and hopes into your wedding ceremony? How do they equip you to live not just into your wedding day, but into this amazing lifelong commitment?

Next week: Tip five . . . do you click with them?