December 16, 2021

If you’ve been following along, you know this is the third (of six) tips we suggest considering when hiring your wedding officiant. Our first tip? Hire a professional. The second tip is a reminder to hire someone who understands you are the focus of the wedding ceremony. And this week? Hey, hire someone creative!

Many couples have only a vague idea of what they want out of their ceremony. That’s ok! Hire someone who can fill those blanks in for y0u. Do they ask about what kind of ceremony you want? Do they offer ideas about how to customize your ceremony? Do they speak to the unspoken elements of a ceremony such as how you move, what they will wear, or how to engage your wedding attendants and guests?

In addition, a creative officiant will have many ideas for managing the nuances of a wedding ceremony, cultural and religious backgrounds, and even family dynamics. They will also be open to listening to what ideas you have, and then shaping and incorporating those into your wedding ceremony (and even your marriage).

Victoria and Nathan celebrate a successful log sawing with their community of friends and family. Photo by Tiffany Hofeldt @hellotiffanyphoto

Next week: Fourth tip . . .  hire an officiant with vision.

P.S. Hire a creative photographer, as well! Tiffany Hofeldt @hellotiffanyphoto did such a great job capturing all the creative details of Nathan and Victoria’s wedding at Lincoln Chapel.