December 9, 2021

Because it’s engagement season, we are offering a few tips on making some good, educated decisions about wedding vendor teams. And to do that, we are revisiting some tips from our blog.

Some months ago, Amy Mader, lead coordinator with Platinum Weddings and Events asked us: what five tips would you give a couple looking to hire an officiant? Our first tip was to hire a professional officiant. Your friends and family are there as your honored guests and witnesses. A professional wedding officiant is someone who works for you – a vendor on your vendor team. They are there to do one thing, one thing only, and do it well: marry you and your partner.

So what is our second tip? Hire someone who understands this is not about them. This seems obvious, but apparently it isn’t. The officiant is not there for entertainment, nor to double as your caterer, photographer, or DJ. There are not there to emcee. Your wedding is about binding you and your partner together in a lifelong relationship. It’s kind of a big deal.  Find someone who knows how to hold that special space, while keeping the focus on you and what you are doing. Pay attention to what they want from you. Do they ask about you? Your relationship? Do they want to hear about your life? They should care about you, and not about just getting a job done or about spotlighting themselves in the process.

Next week: Tip three . . .  Hire someone creative!