October 17, 2019

Calm, classic and professional. These words clients and colleagues use to describe our services. We sought to communicate these attributes when creating the mood board that guides our rebranding efforts. Mood board by Rachael Earl.

Hey y’all!  It’s time!  Here (finally) is our big news, and exciting announcement: Central Ceremonies is evolving into Central Ceremonies! I know exciting right? This follows years of requests by you, our couples, for more ceremonies from us to mark life’s milestone moments. So, this idea to expand has been germinating for years. And now, it’s coming to fruition. We’re excited!

Our name change is a reflection that we provide much more for our clients than wedding officiating services.  We are transforming our name, look and feel in the coming months to reflect that reality, and are excited to invite you along with us. After all, you are the reason we dreamed this dream! 

Milestone Moments

Our goal has always been and will remain crafting custom ceremonies to mark not just your wedding day, but all of life’s milestone moments.  So be assured, even as we shift and evolve, some integral things will remain. 

Our commitment to you, our mission, our vision won’t change.  You can still expect us to be that calm, reassuring presence on your wedding day, as well as other pivotal moments in your lives.  You will just start to see more services, more ceremonies, and more ways to solidify important milestone moments in your  lives before and beyond the wedding day. Your life is a journey and we like sharing it with you.  

New Logo Coming

What’s our next big reveal?  Wait ’til ya see our newly redesigned logo next week!  We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also invite and encourage you to participate. As we present our new look and feel to you, let us know what you think of our colors, our logo, and our services. 

Come along with us for these next twenty years . . . because we are all better together, and you are part of our together!