March 27, 2020

Hello Wedding World: It’s Friday.

Normally, wedding vendors like myself would be gearing up for rehearsals and weddings. Instead, we find ourselves entering another weekend of empty schedules. I have spent these past weeks watching posts from my colleagues as we navigate not only huge downturns in our businesses and incomes, but legal questions, scheduling logistics, and oh ya – our own anxiety, heartache, fear, sadness, and general depression, and felt helpless. As a response, last weekend, I invited my colleagues to a FaceBook Live Service of Lament. There, in virtual space, we came together for just a short twenty minutes to offload some of our emotions.

This Sunday, I will host a second FaceBook Live “Sundays at 6pm” with the same goal. This is a gathering to lament and grieve during this surreal and chaotic time. It is an 18-22 minute, non-spiritual space.  There is no advice, no pep talks, no how-to informational session. Just a space to be together. Because if we say we are really in this together, then let’s really be in this together. Join me this Sunday at 6pm. I will be broadcasting from our Central Ceremonies site on Facebook. DM me if you have questions or special needs/challenges/requests.