July 3, 2020

Hey World! Want to read something fun? Want some good news? Well, we have some over here.  I am excited for all of you to meet our newest team member.

Liz joins the Central Ceremonies Team as our client liaison.

Liz Bailey, client liaison/sage-burner/loud car singer, is the newest member of our Central Ceremonies family. You will get to know her as your first contact with our Central Ceremonies family. Lucky you, because she is bright, friendly, warm, engaging, and energetic. And while you may not see some of what she brings to us behind the scenes, you will experience her work through more streamlined communication, structure, as well as awesome social media content. Liz comes to us with her own goals and dreams. Over time, expect to see her move into life coaching for our team and our clients. Just one more way we are always pursuing excellence and growth around here.

Liz is a native Austinite, a proud Gen-Xer, and a self proclaimed word nerd who loves music, animals, and yoga. When she’s not watching Steven Universe or endlessly looking for snacks with her kids, she is freelance writing or spending time with her girl tribe.

Liz also works as a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of North Texas.

Her friends will tell you (and I, Sarah, can affirm) she is generous, funny, and loves to bore people by describing last night’s dreams. But at the end of the day, you’ll find her unwinding with her writing projects, TV, and cuddles with the kids.

Secret/fun fact: She is superstitious and will definitely make sure you throw salt over your left shoulder, but her spirit animal is a black cat.