Rituals are ways we mark important events in our lives.

Because our lives are full of all sorts of important events, there are all sorts of rituals.

In each ceremony we perform, we have one job: to make it truly meaningful for you.

Wedding Ceremonies by Central Ceremonies, TX
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Marriage is our master craft.

For over 20 years, we have joined couples of all faiths, backgrounds, genders, orientations, nationalities, and styles together in matrimony.

We bring a deep and broad level of experience to our couples, allowing us to craft ceremonies that range from the religious and spiritual to the nonspiritual, including customized vows, unique cultural and personalized accents, readings, and rituals. While each wedding is unique, the core value of love is universal.

How can we help you tell your love story?

Memorials by Central Ceremonies, TX


Humans have created rituals around the end of life throughout our history. We mark this passage in many different ways.

Whether we call it a funeral, a memorial, or a celebration of life, the role of ritual in the time of death is to pause, reflect upon, and honor a precious life. It’s a time to gather family and friends in fellowship and community, remembering and giving worth to someone loved and lost.

We are uniquely qualified to walk alongside you through this journey. 

As experienced ministers and chaplains, we will be there as a calming pastoral presence, crafting a personalized ceremony that serves to transform grief into mourning, sadness into hope – to point all of us from endings towards new chapters and horizons.

How can we help you honor the passing of an important person in your life?


Families are created in so many ways.

No matter how they come together, the birth of a family is an auspicious event.

Such a joyous occasion deserves to be marked with beauty and creativity. We offer many ways to honor the beginning of life and family formation: from baby naming ceremonies or blessings to celebrating the blending of families, whether from the traditional form to a post-modern interpretation.

How can we help welcome your child, open the next chapter in your family life, and usher in a new phase in your life together?

Home & Community

Our homes are not just our houses, although we hope your house is your home. (And if it isn’t, you’re in the right place!)

Community is not just a group of people, but the relationships created and fostered between people.

Both home and community are places that ground us while also expanding our lives in a way that deserves celebration.

Honoring home and community happens many different ways! We’ve seen it happen as pet blessings, house blessings, graduation rituals, and tea ceremonies with friends.

We’d love to help you honor home and community in your heart by creating your own ritual.

This highly customized offering is distinct to each client. It’s a wondrous adventure of writing and dreaming alongside each other.

What can we help you create as you honor hearth and heart?

“The ceremony was perfect and delivered flawlessly.”