October 10, 2019

In case you haven’t heard, this year is our 20th anniversary officiating weddings in the Central Texas region. Earlier this week, as we pondered twenty-year-celebration logistics and timelines, Rene (amazing PR Director here at Central Ceremonies), asked me: What’s our “why?” At first I thought this was the opening line of some new take on Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on first?” What’s our why? Why what?  Huh?!

But then I realized what Rene was asking: Why change up what has worked so well for twenty years? Well, the answer was easy for me. I mean sure, some of it is just me. I am a personality who likes adventure, innovation, and dynamic environments. After all, I am a Sagittarius! But truth be told (and I am a truth-teller), it’s because of you, our clients. You changed — and you changed us!  Happy day.

Wedding Ceremonies and Millennials

Indeed, as millennials came of age and began to marry, they brought with them their creative and innovative ideas about marriage. As natural collaborators, teamwork was important, and design and customization, agency and voice began to drive our conversations. The millennial way of being in the world was a natural fit for us (“Custom-made weddings, uncustomary service”), our vision, and our mission.  Their ideas breathed new life into our motto, vision, and mission. We began to handwrite entire elements of their wedding ceremonies. We worked to customize meaningful vows. We collaborated on reading ideas, ceremony rituals, and new ways to define marriage and intimate relationship. And we loved all of it!

We found ourselves energized and were invited to enter the larger storyline of our clients’ lives. Social media kept us connected, and we and our wedding clients shared in births, house warmings, vow renewals, grief, and death as we journeyed alongside each other.

New Traditions Require New Ceremonies

Our millennials got us thinking about ourselves, what we love to do, and how we’ve been changed and bettered by them. Twenty years seemed the perfect time to not only continue to serve our current clients, meet new couples, but also expand our mission. 

So, guess what? Next week, we’re going to tell you all about it! Next week is the where and why and what-for these next 20 years and the big reveal.  Get excited! We certainly are.