January 5, 2019

Joe’s proposal to Sarah. New Orleans, September, 1993.

I’ve heard some pretty amazing engagement stories through the years: on top of Hawaiian volcanoes, at family events, over a quiet cup of coffee, London, Paris, a bench in Germany, after years together, on a third date. They are all such good stories. I could listen to them all day long; not just for the story, but also to just watch my couples as they share their stories with me.  The bright eyes, choice of words, the laughter, and the depth of emotion shared in a gentle touching of hands?  Well, it’s magical.

I was engaged over 25 years ago in New Orleans.  My now-husband and I had been discussing marriage, but he actually did catch me off-guard.  While milling around  Jackson Square in the heat in early September, he convinced me (after some cajoling) to sit to have my picture sketched.  When he turned the picture around it was not me, but my ring and his proposal.  My husband, as you might guess, is a romantic.  My answer, as you might guess, was yes.

What I love about my story – and every story I hear – is how each story is at once unique and universal. Of course, each story is a unique chapter in a specific couple’s story.  It is a glimpse into a couple’s relationship, their language, and their love.  At the same time it is a universal story of human love.  It’s the story of how we are all somehow drawn to each other by a force that is bigger than us, a force that creates all that is grand and beautiful in this human saga, and frankly, makes it all worthwhile.

At Central Ceremonies, we’ve made telling each of our couples’ stories the hallmark of our business. And not just because we love to hear the stories ourselves, or our couples and their family and friends long to hear those stories, but because it is important to weave those stories into the bigger tapestry of love and humanity. We feel it is a huge privilege to share time with our couples not just because we love to tell the unique story, but because we love being a part of what we truly believe makes the world a better place.

So, in this season of engagements, we’d love to engage with you and hear your love story.  Let’s get married!