October 24, 2019

If you’ve been following along, we’ve unveiled some new, cool things over here at our business. You’ve seen our new mood board, setting a nice, relaxed, yet classic vibe. You’ve learned our new name, Central Ceremonies, capturing our broader service offerings. And because we like to keep the exciting reveals going . . . today, our new logo!

With today’s big reveal, all these changes will become more visible. You’re going to start seeing our new name & logo more and more over these next months as we really start to embrace our new identity. Because you will start seeing these changes everywhere, we thought you should know a little bit about our new name and  logo!

As we’ve said (and we really mean it) much of our expansion is a response to you, our clients! You wanted more services from us, and we love providing them. It’s true: we want to be there for all the great people we’ve met in the past 20 years for more than one day. The wedding day is a milestone moment, but so, too, the day that your child arrives, the day that you move into your new home, the day that you start a new job, the day that your child goes off to college, and when your loved ones pass away. We want to walk alongside you during all of these life events. Frankly, we’ve already been helping many of you mark these life events,  and it’s been our privilege.

It also had us thinking about how fundamental these milestone moments are to people – all people. We, as humans, need to mark time and events in order to make sense of life. It’s essential and central to our sanity. Central. Hmmmm. And we live in Central, Texas. And work in Central Austin. Gosh. Even though it took us months to land on our name, it seemed obvious once we got there:  Central Ceremonies!

Our Central Ceremonies logo symbol as a wax seal.

Now, the logo. Well, embedded in this image you will see the Cs from our new name. And the Cs are open – to make space for each other, for growth, and for a myriad of ways of being in the world. Find rings embedded in our new logo. Those point back to our 20 year history as Central Ceremonies, even as they keep us aligned with our strong affinity for weddings. Do you see the center point? Ceremonies center us, focus us, and ground us. And don’t forget the nod to the infinity symbol. Life has cycles and our job, as professional officiants, is to mark places along this limitless life journey. Finally, quite simply, we think it’s pretty!

Rebranding is a lot of work, y’all. Nothing happens quickly, and each step has to be carefully planned and communicated so we don’t lose you – our community and clients – along the way. So, behind the scenes, there have been a lot of gatherings and conversations (opinions and voting, too!) with some really amazing and dedicated folks (after all, we believe deeply in community and commonwealth). A big thank you to our PR Director, René Craft; our graphic designer, Rachael Earl Design; and our team of trusty wedding colleague beta-testers who gave us a lot of their time when they didn’t have to; Amy Mader, Barbara Hearne, Dawn Earley, and Kristen Lloyd.

Now! You tell us — what do you think?