May 5, 2020

“Does this photo make me look weird?” Well, of course it does. It’s a snapped screenshot of Sam. I took it at his recent wedding. It was a virtual sort of affair. No, wait. No sort of . . . it was a virtual affair! And so was Cameron’s recent wedding. And my next wedding will be, as well.

Wow, Zoom weddings. Whodda thunk it? This definitely tops our list of “Things They Did Not Teach Us In Seminary.” But, these are unprecedented times and unusual circumstances. Shutdowns are compulsory, and adaptation is necessary on so many levels.

Now, adaptation is something we know quite well here at Central Ceremonies. After all, we’ve spent over 20 years adapting rituals to meet our couples’ where they are – physically and spiritually. So, yes! You bet Central Ceremonies is ready to host your Zoom wedding.

A global pandemic is no joke. Lockdown is real. But life goes on, and love goes free.  So, remember in the midst of all of this chaos: there is always a (Zoom) room for love here at Central Ceremonies.  Meet ya there!