April 10, 2020

Kelly at CocoBundle assembling house goods, and building commonwealth.

We are often discussing commonwealth here at Central Ceremonies. It’s because we believe marriage is a mini-commonwealth, and because marriage ceremonies are part of building the greater commonwealth. Now, if there is anything good emerging from this global pandemic, it is a greater understanding of commonwealth; that, indeed, we are all bound to each other, need each other, and thrive by caring for each other — in sickness and in health.

We believe so deeply in such truths, imagine our excitement when discovering the work of CocoBundle. At CocoBundle, our couples allow their love and their community to literally create more love and greater good.  Through a couple’s wedding registry, durable goods are sent to our siblings in the world moving out of homelessness.  And to compound all that love and goodness?  Our CocoBundle couples receive a preferential rate by joining with us, CocoBundle, and the world to actively create commonwealth.

Cooking bundle for warming hearts and tummies.

We are now partners with CocoBundle, sharing and living the philosophy that community is connectional. We believe that our rituals ground us, connect us, and make the world better, and CocoBundle gives us a way to move from ritual to reality.

We are so excited and proud to be a member of the #CelebratewithImpact Movement. Let’s grow commonwealth and goodness together.  Learn more by simply visiting @CocoBundleCo!