July 30, 2020

Why won’t the grounding blog write itself, and other frustrations of the week.

Sarah and I have been trying to write a blog about grounding for over three weeks. Now we are sitting together cursing technology, and are far from grounded. Our feet are actually on the desk while we think about our deep desire for pedicures and cocktails.

Yep. We are keeping it real over here at Central Ceremonies.

Why this blog has been so hard to write? And why grounding is so difficult sometimes? Why do we fight simple things that will help us feel better? 

I (Liz) think it’s because we live in a society where taking breaks from work to chill out and refocus is frowned upon. Our society measures success in productivity. When we fail to produce, it challenges our sense of worth. Sarah is a good case in point. Spending hours online trying to migrate calendars, she is frustrated with not just the work, but the entire day . . . and herself. 

As we discussed our level of frustration, Sarah also began to ponder why the blog was so difficult. Building on my own thoughts, she commented, “It’s as if I’ve forgotten that I am not an economic being. I am a human being.” Boom. Eureka. Regroup.

We’d love to report that we got G-Suite up and completely operational. But we didn’t. Nothing got done and yet in our eureka moment, we found ourselves connecting – as humans – over our shared annoyance, exasperations, and even mondegreens (which keep us laughing). And well, there is the answer, right? The goal, after all, isn’t about G-Suite productivity. It’s about connections. And relationships. So, hey. Perhaps we were successful? Living into our very own mission statement! Proud moment.

We took our feet off the desk, and I insisted on taking our own advice. Ground. We walked outside, leaving the office behind, and instead enjoyed each other’s company, as well as the company of our daughters.

Sarah and Liz actually doing what we talk about doing.

Look, relationships these days are particularly challenging. And we know that we, here at Central Ceremonies, often spout knowledge and wisdom.  We do, in fact, know a few things and love to share them with you. But we also want you to know that we, too, struggle with the same things everyone else does. So, be gentle with yourselves and your relationships. We say this in all honesty, from the soles of our feet which are dug into the green grass.