September 4, 2020

I had no blog. Again. Every week my job is to post a blog on Thursdays. I have an editorial calendar. I should have blogs “in the can.” Easy enough. But it hasn’t been lately. The muse has left the building.

What a surreal time. Global pandemic. Democratic meltdowns. Racial inequality finally called out for what it is. School on hold. Toilet paper and bleach wipes are rationed. Basic social interaction is stilted and compromised. Every trip out of the house is a calculated risk complete with mask and sanitizer.

And it isn’t like there is an escape hatch. No one is immune. No one. Anywhere on the entire planet.

Sure, we are learning to adapt to isolation from each other; trying to make it from one moment to the next whether that “making it” is mentally, physically, spiritually, financially.

I’m no different than most of you. I simply cannot process it all. And guess what? It’s ok.

At the moment, Cam and I are on a business retreat just outside of Austin for a few days. Sure, we are looking at our timeline and plans for the next twelve, eighteen, even twenty four months. But we are also simply relaxing (shout out to our respective spouses for their support).

Liz called in to join us for some collaborating. When lamenting letting the blog ball drop this past week, Liz suggested a break noticing (as she does quite well) how many of us are struggling these days.

So, that is what we are doing. We’ll still be posting pictures from our amazing couples, vendors, and even our lives, but I am giving myself permission to step away from my blog writing to do some creative writing, and of course, ceremony writing for my amazing couples. I’ll be back mid-October. And it’s ok!

Tell us: What do you need to do for yourself? What break can you take? What space can you create for yourself? Share with us so that, indeed, we are all in this together.