August 8, 2019

My mission is to create families through marriage.  It’s fun, meaningful, and truly my vocation. My preference, of course, is to spend all my time with my couples writing ceremonies, talking about marriage, and getting to know each other.

But, as is true in every job, there are things we are required to do to keep our companies running. In a world driven by social media and reviews, gathering these reviews is a requirement. It’s a must. I find this less than exciting on several levels.

First of all, sales are not my strength. I’ve figured out over time how to sell who we are, but I am thoughtful and meticulous when I need to be speedy and responsive. Fortunately, I come from a faith tradition with a motto of “reformed and always reforming.” We are, as a business, always looking at adding systems and services that are helpful for our couples.

Secondly, chasing down reviews often feels like a game to me.  It is not a game I enjoy playing. I know it’s required, but to me, it doesn’t serve my clients because weddings aren’t a game. I take officiating at weddings very seriously. It’s my calling, my vocation, my passion.

What worked for years in my business (a list of references), is no longer enough with the importance of sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot. What seemed easy and obvious in the past is now mysterious and shifting. And interestingly, marriages are the same.

Time, circumstances, and even the players in relationships change. While a marriage without pets, kids, and mortgages can click along nicely, the addition of any or all of these requires negotiation and renegotiation. We are required – yes, required, to revisit what we do, and why we do it. It does not mean it is easy, we want to, or we like it. But, it is a sign of growth – good growth, I think. And that is almost always a good thing. So, okay, I’ll go get some more reviews like my marketing director wants me too! ????

*P.S.  So, now that I’ve admitted that getting reviews is not my strong suit, would you help us by sharing your experiences with us online? Did we marry you? If so, would you take a few moments to review us on WeddingWire, The Knot, and even Yelp?  We sure would appreciate it. Thank you!