August 16, 2020

Ian’s Chapel at Camp Lucy

 True to our word last week, we are writing about weddings and marriages during this ever so strange time. When we physically distance, it can be difficult to know if what we are experiencing and feeling is ok or not. It can be hard to calibrate ourselves and manage expectations and emotions. But while in so many ways life is very different, we want to point out that it is also very much the same as it ever was. Love wins. Weddings take place. Bouquets are (virtually) tossed. And lovers say “I do.”

So many of the couples we encounter are having to push back and push back again until the Save-The-Date just has a shrug emoji. 

After dress fittings and cake tastings, plus countless invitation edits, some people are just over it. Suzie and Igor decided to put all of the frill on hold and go a whole different route. They eloped. And no, they didn’t sneak off to Vegas to have a fat later-years Elvis marry them. They went right down the road to Camp Lucy to ring the bell and say “I do.” 

The newlyweds, ringing the bell!

Love is complicated, but some would argue planning a wedding is even more so, especially during a global crisis. Weddings are fun and you should have the one you have been dreaming of. But for now, just imagine marrying the one you have chosen. Think about who you have in this moment. The perfect wedding and marriage are what you make them. And during a time when emotions are running high and expectations are constantly changing, take a moment with your love, look at each other, and remember you’re in this together. And yes, you can elope. Just ask Suzie and Igor.