September 30, 2019

Hey!  You made it this far? Well, good things come to those who wait. This is our last entry in our first-ever series, so thanks for joining us.  AND, it’s the last part of the ceremony, too. Time to seal the deal, and celebrate with food, cake, and dancing.

The Kiss

And that is the purpose of the closing:  to seal what has been said and done, and turn everyone towards the next steps. At rehearsal, I often remind my couples, as well as the wedding party, the kiss is not some mere throw-away moment just for pictures.  Yes, it makes a great picture (which is why your officiant should step aside and get out of it), but the kiss serves a very distinct purpose. It seals the binding with breath. And breath is life. In ancient times, particularly Greco-Roman, all contracts were sealed with the exchange of breath and life. Isn’t that a really cool and beautiful way to seal this love and marriage deal? Indeed!

The Pronouncement: When the wedding becomes a marriage

After the kiss, it is time to remind everyone, including the couple, why we are there. Not only do we announce what just happened with a hearty “You’re married!”-kind-of-pronouncement, but also, in turning the couple and facing them outward, we literally send them back through the community of witnesses and support as they begin their journey of marriage.  So, the couple and the community are reminded that marriage, in all its ups and downs and ins and outs, lives and thrives (and can even die) within the broader network of relationships and community.

We belong together. Marriage is just one way we are together. It’s a beautiful way. A miraculous and amazing and adventurous way. And the wedding ceremony from beginning to end says and demonstrates that, as it sets forth the couple on their journey.

Mazel tov!