September 30, 2021

In the midst of this seemingly never-ending global pandemic, I’ll admit there have been some moments of laughter, lightness, and happiness.

I’ll admit to some silver linings and insights.  I’ll acknowledge that the slower pace of life has forced me to lighten up, rest more, breathe deeply.  Heaven knows I’ve needed those things.

It’s also given me permission to take care of myself in ways I’d been unwilling to do before. I’ve allowed myself space and time to . . . well, cope. I’ve allowed myself some “COVID candy.”

My “COVID candy” is a bit of a confession. For me, an avid reader of academic articles and non-fiction, I’ve spent almost all 18 months reading fiction. And not just New York Times bestselling fiction, but beach reads and romance. Things I’ve never allowed myself before, but somehow needed each evening as a way to wind down and, dare I say it – escape. I mean, I also bought roller skates and have lived on my bike, but as far as candy? As indulgence? Yup, I’ll admit to reading “The Hating Game.”

Who am I? Well, I am someone who needed to find an outlet. I needed a way to offload the pressures of ministering during a strange sort of apocalypse. To be theological about it, what I needed was to actively cultivate Sabbath space and time. And I am not alone.

I started to ask around. I was curious if others were making similar indulgences or granting themselves permission in interesting ways. Turns out, the answer was yes.

One of my friends has gone all in with the BTS boy band fandom. She laughs at herself, but when I pushed her for an explanation, she said she loves the way the fandom connects her to the entire world – a world we’ve been unable to access for over 18 months.

My daughter and her aunts have an ongoing letter-writing-love-affair using good ol’ snail mail. Indulging in beautiful stationery, wax seals, and fun postcards has been their sweet treat during these strange times.

And I’ve watched several friends install forms of swimming pools and soaking tubs in their backyards, making access to kicking back and relaxing easier and more accessible to them.

What has been your COVID candy? What have you allowed yourself to do? What have you given yourself permission to indulge in during this global pandemic? Have you watched more TV? Slept in later? Have you taken longer, slower walks? Acquired a puppy? Baked more?

I want to hear about it! I think we’d all love to hear about it. Drop us a comment or email, and share your candy.