May 23, 2024

This past week, we had the privilege of collaborating with Satin Wedding Co, a professional wedding coordinating team here in Austin, on a document they provide for their clients. It’s actually one of many helpful documents they provide their clients. And us? Well, we were so excited to be asked, because . . . your marriage license is quite important. And an often overlooked piece of the wedding planning. And we, as professional wedding officiants, would be the ones who are charged with knowing all about how it works, as well as the actual task of making that document – and your marriage – legal. 

Now, we’ve been in this industry since the 1990s. And if there is one thing to be said about the wedding industry in Austin, it’s that it is a collaborative group. Sure, we all have our own businesses, and we want to make money. But there is something about Austin and its vibe that has always brought a sort of “There’s enough business for all of us,” and “We each bring particular strengths to the table” attitude to our slice of this world-wide industry. That, and the idea that we are all better together. We are better when we share ideas, when we share resources, when we hold each other accountable. Even when we just need to vent and off-load after our wedding seasons wind down a bit. 

All of this is great. But it also belies a deeper truth. One that Courtney, Satin’s owner extraordinaire, is hitting on with her fabulous checklist. One that matters to the customer. Hire a professional. Hire someone who knows what they are doing. Hire someone who works for you, and is there for you . . . as a vendor, not as a guest or a friend. It matters. As I said above, when it comes to the marriage license, it really matters!

For me, as a professional wedding officiant, not only do I understand how to organize, write, and deliver a beautiful wedding ceremony. I also understand the gravity of what is happening in that ceremony (you are wed-ing each other). I know how to create and hold space during a ceremony – in spite of a million things that might go down while that ceremony is happening (trains, planes, fainting, crying . . . you name it, I’ve seen it). I know why you need a rehearsal, and what it takes to run a rehearsal. I understand the nuts and bolts of getting a license. I know if I am traveling out of State or out of the the country, what I must do to ensure legality. I even understand the Texas Family Code and how that license figures into it should things go sideways (mail happens, y’all!).

I am already working with another colleague of mine (coming soon!) on a fun series where we’ll explore the whys and whats of hiring the pros. So, there’s a little teaser for that pop of fun headed your way. In the meantime, a big thank you to Satin Wedding Co. for reaching out, sharing their wisdom-gained-from-experience with us, for being amazing pros, and finally, for being a great friendor!