April 23, 2020

We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe, in good health, and enduring these strange and unsettling days. We are well aware that many of you are in the midst of managing challenges surrounding the planning, rescheduling, and shuffling of wedding details while this global pandemic plays itself out. First and foremost, we want to reiterate our desire that you are staying healthy and adjusting to these new circumstances and experiences with resilience and optimism.  

Secondly, we want each of you to know that you have been on our minds and in our hearts; not just because you are our clients, but because we believe in becoming a part of your stories and lives. We take our role as your wedding officiant seriously.

While much of your wedding management during this time is logistical, we as ordained ministers want to remind you that we are here for you in a different capacity. With our backgrounds in pastoral care, we are willing and able to assist you with emotional and spiritual challenges you might be feeling. These pandemic circumstances are unique, challenging, and might be bringing up all sorts of emotions and feelings. We want each of you to know, we are here to help.

Through the end of the year, we are offering our current couples, as may be needed:

  1. Focused meetings on handling stress during challenging times.  While these meetings will surely focus on your relationship during the time of COVID-19, we know these sessions will also provide long-term tools for you as you journey through marriage.
  2. Availability to moderate virtual family meetings, providing an objective third-party perspective as wedding plans are negotiated and renegotiated amidst family dynamics.
  3. Honoring our commitment to all existing clients by rescheduling ceremonies to available dates, providing Zoom weddings, and constantly and consistently reviewing alternatives to ensure you achieve your goal: marriage! 
  4. Every Sunday at 6:00 pm CST, one of our officiants will spend 15 minutes in mindfulness for each of our couples by name. If you have particular concerns, please reach out to your officiant so that concern might be held in our hearts, even as it is held in strict confidence. 

We are here for you. You may call, text, or email us with your questions and challenges. We have always been and continue to be committed to sending you off on your marriage journey as best we can. We continue to be committed to working with you, giving you suggestions, standing with you in solidarity, and supporting you and your love story during this time, and always.

We are so glad you chose us to be a part of your wedding day, whenever that may be.