Liz came to Central Ceremonies with a love of officiating and marriage mentoring. 

She is a native Austinite, a proud Gen-X’er, and a self-proclaimed word nerd who loves music, animals, and yoga.

When she’s not watching cartoons or endlessly looking for snacks with her kids, she is freelance writing or spending time with her besties.

Liz is a financial planner and holds degrees from The University of Texas at Austin and The University of North Texas. 

Her friends will tell you she is generous and funny, and loves to tell everyone about last night’s dreams. At the end of the day, she unwinds with writing projects, TV, and family cuddles. 

Secret/fun fact: Liz is superstitious. She will make you throw salt over your left shoulder. Yet, her spirit animal is a black cat!

“She made it feel intimate for the two of us standing up there, but our guests also felt included.”