We believe:

That rituals create community in a world of disunity. We believe in the revolutionary idea that life rituals bind us together, even as they keep us grounded, happy, and sane in an ever-changing world. We believe we can help put the world back together, one ritual at a time.

That the person to help you mark life’s important moments should be a professional who is committed to acting with honesty and integrity – a person who is a good listener, caring, calm, polished, and respectful. That’s who we are.

That love is love. No matter who you are, who you love, or what you do or don’t believe, you are welcome here. We affirm and celebrate the beauty of all relationships.

That believing in the power of community means giving back. We donate a percentage of the fees for every ritual we perform to community-building, loving, fully-inclusive nonprofits. 

For us, it’s not just about your ritual alone; it’s about how even one ritual builds a more beautiful world.

So, we invite you to invite us into your life. Allow us to help you create and birth new things, or let beautiful things go.

We are humans who make art out of life.

We are ritual.

Let us tell your story.